Play Spy Project - Jenga with a Math's twist

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Everybody loves Jenga.  What's not to love when a tower falls. 

So put a twist on the normal Jenga, by numbering the blocks.  Print out 54 numbers and sellotape them to the blocks. 

Put numbers 51-54 on the bottom.  The rest can be placed in number order, or mix it up. 

Roll 3 dice.  First two multiply.  The thirds dice result is multiplied by the answer on the first two dice.  However if result 51 or greater, then simply add in third dice result.

In the above example 2 x 4 = 8.  Then 8 x 6 =  48. Player needs to remove block 48.

Simple rules:

a) if block already removed then player misses a turn,

b) youngest player starts.

Keep playing until tower falls.

Add more dice if you wish, helps players add quickly in their heads. Whatever the number of dice keep rules simple. Add or multiply each dice but answer can't exceed 51.

We added some stars to some blocks too.  Removing a block with a star means they need to perform a special task like for example star jumps. 

For younger children who are still learning to count, simply set them up in correct numeric order, like domino's. Then set it off and watch them fall. 


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