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Discover just how good CRAZY AARONS SCENTsory® Putty can make you feel! Whether you want to indulge your senses with our Sweets collection, escape to paradise with our Tropical putty, or give yourself a moment of peace and clarity with the Mindfulness SCENTsory Putty, you’re sure to love these amazingly soft and fluffy putties.


SCENTsory Putty has been designed in multidimensional pastel colors to give your visual receptors a treat! Researchers have found that the human eye only has 3 color receptors and yet humans can see up to 10 million colors. So why is the human nose restricted to 10,000 scents?
The sense of smell is the strongest of the senses and has the ability to influence brain activity. What’s really cool is that your sense of smell is a part of your limbic system and directly connects to the areas of the brain that process emotion and learning. Sifting through scientific literature and magazines, you will probably find information that states the human nose can smell 10,000 scents. Up until recently, that was proven as true. However, according to Rockefeller University olfaction researcher and co-author of the study, Leslie Vosshall claims humans can smell at least 1 trillon.Our SCENTsory collection has been specially crafted to create 18 unique and multilayered scents for a true sensory experience.


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