Acrylic Paint Pen - Individual - Normal 2mm tip - 28 Colours available.

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Flysea Acrylic Pen 1026.  Everyday normal 2-3 mm Tip.  Acrylic Pens that mark on rock, paper, fabric, glass, ceramic, porcelain, wood, metal, etc  Water Based pigment ink, strong covering force, sun-proof, and water proof.

    Acrylic pens work on so many surfaces, you can make beautiful customise gifts that last. Perfect pen for rock art design. 

    28 Colours to choose from.  Sold Individually.

    First 12 Colours from the 12 Flysea Acrylic Pen Set. First 24 colours from the 24 Flysea Acrylic Set. 

    Last 4 Colours special additional - not part of 12 or 24 colour set. Being Grey, Chestnut Brown, Amaranth Red , and Cyan Blue

    Now have the ability to replace colours without needing to buy a new set!

    Note: Acrylic Pens are best stored horizontal. 

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