Flashlight Lab Toy Physics Generator (STEM learning)

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Create your own hand power flashlight.You can light the bulb without a battery. Where does this magic power come from?

Due to the scarcity of resources on the planet, many scientists have been looking for alternative energy sources and promoting green science, hoping to reduce pollution on Earth.

Based on this concept, the origin of the rotation of the motor by the hand, the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy to form a generator, so that there will be no problem of no electricity.

How to turn a toy motor into a generator, generate electricity by manual power, light the light bulb, use no battery, and not cause pollution. It will only bring surprises. This generator can produce amazing power.

Give it a try! What else can use the generator to generate energy.

The hand-powered flashlight contains:

  1. Screws, 2 gears,
  2. toy motor,
  3. power torch housing,
  4. 1 set of engine flashlight accessories,
  5. 1 transparent flashlight cover,
  6. 1 LED light with wires and handles,
  7. manual.

Material: plastic

Color Box Specification 16.7 x 21.8 x 4.5 cm

You need to provide a screwdriver and Phillips screwdriver.

Age > 8

Note: Box is slightly ripped in comer, so half price item.

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