Make Acrylic Pens Stay on Ceramics and Glass

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How to seal paint:

1. Clean surface before painting and ensure dry.

2. Use acrylic pens, like Flysea Acrylic Painter

3. Paint on your ceramics or glass piece.

4. Leave to fully dry, about 1 hour.

5. Place into a cold oven once finished painting.  Time is 30 minutes to cure in oven (so add in time it takes to heat up time for your oven to temperature).  Temperature 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 150 degrees Celsius.

6. Don't open oven.  Once time up, leave in oven until completely cooled down to room temperature.

7. Remove the object and ready to use.

Use sealers like Mod Podge or a permanent clear gloss spray like Helmar Varnish Crystal Kote to seal after fully cooled down to keep colours vivid and avoid chipping.

Recommend hand wash items, no dishwasher.  Treat painted item with care.

WARNING: Paint pens, including sealers, are not recommended for surfaces that will come into contact with food or drink.

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